Making Good Matches

A Main Deity That Attains Good Matches

Enshrined in the Shakado (inner sanctuary), or Shakyamuni Hall, is the same figure of Shakyamuni at age 12 as in the main temple hall of Jokhang in Lhasa, Tibet. The figure of age-12 Shakyamuni in Tibet is said to have been given by Emperor Xuanzong of Tang some 1,400 years ago, on the occasion of Emperor Xuanzong's daughter Princess Wencheng wedding Songsten Gampo, the king of Tibet,.
Stories remain that this tremendously efficacious main deity was fashioned during Shakyamuni's lifetime and was prayed over by Shakyamuni himself.

This is venerated as a main deity, and recently in particular, chiefly among young women, it's noted that "a visit to the temple is followed by good things miraculously happening."

Businesspersons and entrepreneurs as often also say such things as "after visiting I inexplicably received lots of jobs!" and "I succeeded in getting a contract with a major partner."

The expression "good matches" does not signify solely a marriage partner or a romantic partner. By believing in Shakyamuni and praying to him from the heart to be led to good matches for work and in friends, such good matches can wondrously be achieved.

A Way of Worshipping to Affain Good Matches


Stand before the main deity, and begin by first conveying your gratitude to the deity for being able to pray to him.
Then speak a greeting aloud, giving your name and address.
For supplications, the important point is not to immediately make a large request, but instead to start gradually with humble appeals for wishes that might be attainable with a little assistance from the main deity.
Also, instead of merely making supplications, when a wish or betterment has been attained, please do be sure to visit to convey your gratitude.
This will please the main deity and dispose him to provide further help.

Persons burdened with concerns related to matters of love or work can also consult the high chief priest directly.

A Place of Mystical Energy Conducive to Good Matches


The age-12 Shakyamuni figure is efficacious in achieving good matches, but during the Shakyamuni festival taking place monthly on the eighth from 1:00 pm and the flower festival (held annually), people have said that during the solemn sutra readings, they feel filled with a wondrous aura.
Also, only during the annual festival is it specially possible to go inside the inner sanctuary and worship up close, and at this time it is also possible to pray to another Shakyamuni that is ordinarily hidden deep in the interior.

If you are burdened because you have been unable to encounter a good match, or a good job, or something else, please be sure to worship.
A wondrous footprint of the Buddha is also present at the front wall inside the inner sanctuary.
By placing the foot atop this and praying with single-minded devotion, one becomes physically filled with the power to achieve a good match, it is said.