Profile of Chief Priest Zuido Morishita

Because I am someone who entered the priesthood as a lay member, I believe I am better able to discuss matters from a lay perspective. I can explain divine and Buddhist matters that are somewhat hard to understand in small, easily digested portions, and in memorials for ancestors and lost children, I can also lead the way in an easy-to-follow manner.
Please feel free to talk to me when you visit the temple.
We have recently been engaged in suicide-prevention efforts.

Born on the Nagasaki Prefecture island of Tsushima, which has also been dubbed a "border island."
Loses his parents at age 5 and thereafter grows up in an institution
Relocates to Nagoya in a group employment program after graduating from junior high school
Goes to night high school while working during the day
Intended to become a professional photographer, but becomes absorbed in the world of video photography around the time that consumer-grade video cameras come on the market
Gains employment as a news camera operator at around age 24 at a commercial television station in his home town of Nagoya at the recommendation of his cinematographer mentor
Goes independent and establishes a television-program production company at age 28 and begins producing programming for Nippon TV, TBS, and other key stations in Tokyo, managing the company while also working for many years as director or producer for television programs from commercial stations in Nagoya
Meets Archbishop Morishita for the first time via an interview and enters the priesthood, becoming a monk
Is officially adopted by Archbishop Morishita and becomes the chief priest of the temple of Kurikara Fudoji
Becomes a Tibetan monk at the temple of Jokhang in Lhasa, Tibet, taking the Buddhist name Lozan Donjo
Down to the present