Romantic Success and a Place of Energy

A Main Deity for Success in Love

In Japan, for many people, mention of Daikokuten probably brings up associations with a familiar jovially round-faced figure, but the face of Daikokuten – Mahakala – at this temple is austere, and in Tibet he is widely venerated in this other form.
His main efficacies are held to include romantic success, improved luck in advancement in life, business prosperity, and enhanced financial luck.
It is also said that any wish, no matter what it is, can be realized by chanting the supplication assiduously and from the bottom of the heart.

Recently in particular, many persons actively seeking a marriage partner have visited the temple, regarding the main deity as efficacious with respect to success in love.
I often hear stories of persons who have actually visited here in supplication have miraculously found a match with each other and become involved, and of how romance-related troubles have been resolved.
If you are seeking love, or want to become closer to your current partner, or lack the courage to express your feelings to someone who could become a potential romantic partner, please do be sure to pay a visit here to make an appeal.
With all my heart, I pray that you find success in love.

The Way of Worshipping to Attain Success in Love


By praying earnestly on your wish and chanting 100,000 mantras to Six-Armed Mahakala within three months, any supplication, not just love-related, can be realized, it is held.

A Place of Mystical Energy for Romantic Love

The site of the Kinryu Bidai Tenryuodo Hall and Pagoda located above Qambalin is ensconced in natural surroundings and is said to always be replete with a pure spirit. Kinryu – the Golden Dragon King – is the deity of financial success and personal connections, and in this connection, a certain woman previously prayed to him to bring about success in her current romantic relationship.
Thereafter, the ties with her partner seem to have miraculously progressed rapidly, leading to marriage.
News of this incident spread to her friends, and then to their friends, and now many supplicants troubled with love-related matters are seen, both men and women alike.

What is more, based on rumors that using an image of Kinryu for your mobile-phone wallpaper leads to success in love, and that if a couple holds hands and affirms their love while looking down at Qambalin from Kinryu they will be joined forever, this site has come to be dubbed A "power spot" place of mystical energy for romantic love.