Available for Events

Qambalin is now accepting applications from companies and individuals to use the premises to hold events.
We accept applications for, by way of example, weddings, funerals, and other ceremonial occasions, as well as cultural events such as performances of ethnic music, poetry recitals, and readings, along with other events that are not deemed inappropriate to take place at Qambalin.
The first step is to provide the details of the event by emailing or telephoning us.

-Proposed events may be subject to refusal depending on circumstances.
-No charge is imposed.

Media Coverage

- Covered in "Shin Hyakkei Dagaya [100 New Scenic Views]" in the July 16 edition of the Chunichi Shimbun newspaper
- Covered in Nagoya Broadcasting Network's "Dodesuka!" local news program on August 2
- Covered in monthly magazine Gekkan Mu as a temple for enhancing financial fortune
Also widely covered by many other television programs and periodicals
This coverage history will be updated as the occasion merits.

Information on Holding Buddhist Marriage Ceremonies

We also accept inquiries for holding Buddhist marriage ceremonies at the temple of Kurikara Fudoji, located adjacent to Qambalin.
If you have become engaged to marry thanks to the grace of Shakyamuni or wish to hold a solemn marriage ceremony in holy surroundings, than please do consider us. In recent times we have enjoyed support from older couples in particular.

Weddings represent not merely the union of two persons in love, but are also important ceremonies that joins one family to another. In a Buddhist marriage ceremony, the two persons pledge their eternal love before Kurikara Fudo Myo-o-son, or Acala, at Kurikara Fudoji Temple.
Home weddings, secular ceremonies, and other kinds of weddings brimming with originality have become popular in recent years, but why not make a return to the basics and make your wedding a holy ceremony?