the Buddha Story

Shakyamuni, the ruler of the realm of Tushita, decided to go down to earth to become a Buddha. He made his farewells to the deities, then designated Maitreya as his successor and gave him his crown.
Message in a Dream
After Queen Mayadevi dreamed that Shakyamuni would descend in the form of a white elephant and enter her womb from her right side, she became pregnant.
Birth of Shakyamuni
When the queen reached out to grasp the branch of an ashoka tree, Shakyamuni was born from her right side, walked seven steps in four directions, and pointed at the heavens with his right hand and at the ground with his left.
Renunciation of Secular Life
To become aware of the suffering of life (birth, aging, sickness, and death) and attain enlightenment, Shakyamuni chose the path of the priesthood and took up the tonsure at a stupa. He then underwent six years of harsh training.
During his training, many people plied Shakyamuni with temptation and evil, but he devoted himself wholeheartedly to the path of training without ever yielding to temptation.
The First Turning of the Wheel
After attaining enlightenment, at the suggestion of Brahma, the Buddha gave his first sermon in the city of Sarnath to spread the teachings of Buddhism.